Angie Warhol (angiewarhol) wrote in star__wars,
Angie Warhol

new here

hey, just wanted to say hi. i joined cos you guys ban people who use anakin icons or squee over all that lame crap.
don't get me wrong, i think Hayden is hot, but he is not the end all be all of SW! i'm more of a Luke fan-girl though. i have this dvd of best of SNL Chris Kattan and there's a skit where they do a home shopping network bit and they're selling SW memorabilia. one of their "items" up for sale is Mark Hamill and they claim it's NOT Bruce Boxleitner! (although Tron is cool too) it's a funny skit, they make him recite lines from OT he didn't even say! they even have him say "i love the smell of Napalm in the morning."

in conclusion, i live in hollywood and out my window i can see the hollywood sign and just above it, the griffith observatory that i fondly refer to as "R2-D2's head."
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