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An intelligent community for intelligent fans.

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An intelligent community for intelligent fans. Meaning, you can post debates, links to illegal Star Wars media, discussions, even RP pitches. But please, don't post bullshit like "I LOVE ANAKIN OMG!" or "SQUEE! I SAW EPISODE III!" Also, Beard yes-men can die.

Grounds for banning:
1) Use an Anakin or Padme icon.
2) Report other users for posting 'illegal' material.
3) Whining like an ignorant bitch.
4) Arguing with the admins on any of the above rules.

Your responsibilities as a member:
1) Having fun.
2) Respecting Star Wars and being a nerd.
3) Reporting users who have done #2 in the 'Grounds for Banning' area to the admins.
4) Posting links up to free Star Wars shit.

Send emails to riddickrp [at] yahoo [dot] com if you have any questions or comments. More will come once the other owners join up and give ideas.